Recent Paranormal Experiences Log

I have seen a recent uptick in the number of paranormal events occurring around me, so I'm going to keep a running log of reports of paranormal events for myself and perhaps those of my team.

Date       Investigator     Location                             Description
_______ ____________ _____________________ ________________________________________
08/16      Jon                   Hope Valley, Ca.                Campout - Heard woman's voice outside of tent
                                                                                   talking directly to us. On getting out of tent, no
                                                                                   one was around. Ruled out sound carrying and
                                                                                   the voice had typical sing-song cadence of a
09/10/16 Jon                   Desert 30mi N Reno          Stepped out of car and came face to face with an
                                                                                   entity - 1/2 of a body, split vertically. Whitish
                                                                                   appearance. Siting lasted for about one second.

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