Our Equipment

We are continue to build our inventory of equipment up. The current inventory of gear is as follows:
  1. Transport
    • 2005 Mustang for arriving in style.
    • 1996 Ford F-150 with 4 wheel drive for those far off locations.
  2. Video
    • One 4-channel Samsung DVR recorder with 160 hours of recording capacity.
    • Three infrared cameras, two color, one black-and-white.
    • Two Sony 60gb Digital video camera w infrared night vision built in.
    • Infrared illuminator - Multiple Ramsey kits and a rechargable model that works for video and camera work.
    • Wide range of Kodak camcorders with both waterproof and conventional capabilities.
    • Phantom 1 and Phantom 3 standard quadcopters
    • GoPro Hero 2 and 3 (for conventional use and flight capabilities).
  3. EMF meters/Exotic devoces
    • K-II Meter x 2
    • Exetech single-axis
    • Ramsey Tri-axis kit meter
    • Tri-Field meter
    • Spirit communication device meter similar to the K-II, but with combined meter for more precise readings.
    • Ovilus
    • EM Pump
    • EM Vortex Pump with directional controls
  4. Radiation/Ion Meters
    • CDV-700 Geiger Counter
  5. Cameras
    • Nikon D-80 DSLR
    1. Kodak Z740.
    2. Kodak P512 model.
  6. Audio Recorders
    • Zoom H2 omnidirectional MP3 recorder
    • Zoom H4 recorder.
    • Creative Systems Zen-Vision-W that can pull images direct to disk (30gb) as well as serving as a high-quality EVP recorder.
    • RCA digital audio recorder - expendable for risky environments and several hour drop recorder work.
    • Two Sony USB digital audio recorders (one 256mb and one 512mb) ICD-P520 and ICD-P620 - Our workhouse recorders.
    • Iriver model IFP900 for long-duration recording - 256mb and long-lasting ion battery.
    • Iriver H10 20gb recorder
  7. Communications
    • Multiple walkie talkie sets for team communications.
    • Cell phones of course.
    • Ham Radio - Baofeng UV32, UV5R, UV82 - For improved communications and emergency communications in the field.

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