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Ghost Car in Police Chase

ArticlesA unique car chase that ends in an unbelievable fashion...

Garden City Ghost Car

Ghost Car Through Fence.You maybe have heard about the now legendary Ghost Car. Recorded by pursuit dashboard video by Garden State Pd. And shown on an episode of Court TV. Of a white car which had been pursued one night by the Garden City Police for driving erratically on the highway.

Then had sped away at what had been described as at “Supernatural” speed. Whatever the hell that was suppose to mean. Because if you search the internet for videos under the topic of “speed car pursuit” you will find many references which will show vehicles with around 300 plus horse power that have been filmed leaving a police pursuit car behind in mere seconds.

Of course in many locations the police have now invested in specially modified vehicles which are black in color so as to make harder to see at night. And are equipped with special engines and transmissions which are built primarily for speed and precision handling.

Rumor has it that these specialized vehicles are known as “Phantom Class” Cruisers.

To get a better sense of what they’re all about just think of them as “Stealth on Wheels”.

But on the night in question it was your basic police cruiser which had encountered a vehicle which had not only seemed to bait the pursuing Police officer that night but had eventually demonstrated it’s superiority of evasion by seeming to drive through a solid fence before it’s taillights were seen disappearing into the night on the other side.

Leaving police both in the dust and baffled.

Since the airing of this video, there have been proposed many theories on how such a stunt may had been orchestrated as a means of avoiding what many have come to believe had been a ghostly phenomenon.

Eventually people had sent me a copy of this enigmatic video in the hope that maybe I might detect some tell tale evidence as to the true nature behind this peculiar occurrence.

Well, without obtaining more pertinent facts such as where the occurrences had ended specifically there is little more I could provide.

Ghostly Driver.With the acception of my enhancement of the driver side window of the evasive Ghost Car as it sped by the police cruiser in the opposite direction.

Which if the drivers ghostly looking visage is any indication.

I might comfortably speculate that both drive and vehicle were indeed something beyond the norm.

Source: http://supernaturalparanormal.com/?p=220

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Ghost Car in Police Chase
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, February 28 2009 @ 11:20 AM PST

These " Special Cars" that are referred to in the above comment have been around for years. Ive seen them in action on 1-90 between Ellensburg Washington and the Tri Cities, Washington. They are solid black Mustangs about 3 " off the ground and they are called INTERCEPTORS..geared for high speed chases across Washington. Between Ellensburg and the Tri Cities its flat and you can reach speeds in access of 100 MPH with no problem. These Mustangs sit up on the on ramps to 1-90, like dark sentinals with a pention for sheer speed. I was driving across the state a few years ago to see my family, and this little Acura passed me doin about 90. Must be a need for speed fan...Anyways, this Black Mustang came out of friggin nowhere and went after this guy. On the sides of these cars in white letters it says, INTERCEPTOR. Kinda reminded me of Robocop.

I had a neighbor last year that is a State Trooper, and he was telling me that the Troopers who drive these cars are specially trained..They also drive normal cruisers and rotate the Interceptor duty. I used to build Muscle Cars and had to ask him..About the Engines in those things. He just smiled and winked at me. LOL yeah I thought so. Anyways I dunno about other parts of the country, but those cars have been in Washington for years. Ive pulled off 1-90 to get gas and gotten back on the freeway, and they sit on the side of the ramp..Just waiting to take a BITE outta some dumbass that challenges em. There is a saying that you " cant outrun a radio." Yeah well..your not gonna outrun one of these things either. :-)~

Blonde + Mustang = TROUBLE..

Ghost Car in Police Chase FAKE!
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, August 17 2010 @ 08:54 PM PDT
Well, well, well! I FINALLY DEBUNKED this video myself tonight, 8/17/10. I happened to watch it again, and, there it was for ALL of us to see, and surprised ALL of us have been taken in by this, but we have. It's more of a slight of the hand type of HOAX. But, in this case, it was a slight of the editing of the video. We are all drawn in by the video and the chase, and, also by the narration of it. But, tonight; I looked at both the Dash Cam's CLOCKS! This is where the answer lies/lays. It is skipped forward, skipped backward, sped up, reversed, and, actually the chase began with the cop at the fence, as the Clock skips back to 5:51 a.m. even though it got all the way up to 5:54 a.m. at one time, and, the video ends at 5:51. Now, EVERYONE can see for themselves.

We were all craftily taken in by a HOAX, TRICKERY, RUSE, and a rather slick editor of the video and the evidence is in the DASH-CAM'S CLOCK in the Police Cruiser! Well, if back then, COURT-TV bought this whom are now called TRU-TV, whom I contacted, and I'm sure they paid some decent $$$ for it, I have debunked it, and also contacted them.

Just watch the Video AGAIN, and watch the CLOCKS. Then, watch when the car first disappears, the Hour-Minute-Seconds clock skipped right at 10 seconds, and when the car is claimed to go at a blazing speed, watch the CLOCK go FAST-FORWARD!

I am a Ghost/Paranormal believer, but, I too like to debunk things that I am not completely convinced of, and, I must have watched this video more than 20 times over the last couple years. I thought for awhile that it seemed true, but, I still had a few reservations. Anyway, now, ALL will know we have all BEEN SUCKERED by a very crafty person whom re-edited the Police video. Even some of the radio transmissions are duplicated as they run over some same time lines. Very simple, yet; NONE of us obviously have looked at the Dash Cam clock and drawn into what we are/were watching.

Anyway; Ghost Rider,........sorry, but, in this, Paranormal events has been made a mockery of us all whom DO believe!

Sincerely, J.E. McCann - The Sylvan Wizard
Ghost Car in Police Chase
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, January 07 2011 @ 11:33 AM PST
Where on earth did that car come from? It's spooky! I first saw this on youtube but I hardly believed it!
Ghost Car in Police Chase
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, March 21 2011 @ 08:43 AM PDT

The 5:54 to 5:51 is a location tool. If you notice the Clock in the top right may get Fast Forwarded but it doesnt go backwards. The video starts at 23:34:56 military time and ends at 23:38:02. The chase lasted a total of 3 minutes and 6 seconds. I'm 100% certain there is a complete explaination to this but its not the time.