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Friday, February 05 2016 @ 01:55 PM PST

Pennies from Heaven

Articles I was at work today, and kept finding pennies where I would walk, or sit. I've always picked them up, and said, " Thank you!! " and put them in my pocket. I've collected hundreds of them.

They appear out of thin air. Where I had been sitting moments before, now appeared to have a penny right below the chair.

I collected five of them this evening..sometimes I collect more, sometimes less. I've always lent an ear to the myth that when you find these pennies, someone that has died is thinking of you. I wanted to get some feedback from all of you reading this..What is your take on this theory? Have you had any strange occurrences with this phenomenon? Let me know if you would. I am formulating a thesis for this subject. I provide this article to boost some of what Kat posted - Enjoy! -- Tomcat Pennies from Heaven
It is said that those who have crossed over sometimes make their presence known to the living by dropping coins in odd places. Strange as it sounds, I think there may be something to it.

Shortly after my favorite aunt passed away in 2001, pennies began to appear around me. I'd leave my desk, and when I'd return, I'd find one right there in front of the keyboard, or on my chair or nearby on the floor. They're always pennies, and they're always dated 2002.

The penny in the photo appeared last night. I walked from my desk to the closet, got some paper, closed the closet door and sat back down here. When I glanced that way again, there was the penny, on the carpet in front of the closet door. I'm sure I would have noticed it, had it been there before.

I've tried to pass this off as coincidence, or just heightened awareness of perfectly ordinary stray change, but ... why is it always only one coin, always a penny, and always dated 2002? On the other hand, why aren't they dated 2001, or maybe 2004 for when my dad died?

For a while, the coins seemed to follow me. When last I visited my brother's home in another state, where my father's ashes are kept in a place of honor by the front door, 2002 pennies began appearing on their doorstep. Oddest of all, when my sister in law and I went out for lunch, she opened her sandwich to add some mustard and there, embedded in the pickle slice, was -- you guessed it -- a penny. That one was dated 2000, but still. What are the odds? (According to the manager of the restaurant, the odds are zero. I'm sure she thought we put it there to get a free lunch.)

It's been about a year since the last penny popped up. Now, with my thoughts lingering so often among the dead, they seem to be reappearing.

I hesitate to post this, as it is both weird and personal. I guess I'm hoping someone else has had this experience, or can explain it away for me. Any takers?
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Pennies from Heaven
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, November 28 2008 @ 12:04 AM PST

Well I cant, nor do I want to " explain it away." Its a real and true event that has occurred to many that I know, including myself, for years now. Everyone finds pennies, but there are very few that actually consider where they might have come from. For all the pennies to be dated 2002 is strange; it almost seems to me like the one you found that was different was meant to send you a wake up call. Or perhaps your grandfather was a practical joker, or thought you  never paid attention to small details. Anything is possible..Although I must confess, sometimes when I find them I can definately feel a presence, and have said outloud, " Why dont you leave 20 dollar bills next time?" LOL ya gotta have a sense of humor about it from time to time.  Ive also always found it interesting that in the movie, " Ghost," they use a penny to trace that door when Patrick Swayze is learning how to move objects, and wants to prove to Demi Moore that he is indeed there.  Why they used a penny I dunno..dimes are certianly smaller. Perhaps a personal experience with " Pennies from Heaven?"

With phenomenon like the pennies, its important for us to realize that we are not wrong about our theories, especially a common one like the pennies..in fact the penny theory is more of a myth, or folklore then anything else. But we have all experienced it Im sure. Its our family and friends that have left this existance letting us know that they are thinking of us. Its all good in my book..I just pick em up and say thank you and take em home.

Death..Is only the beginning.

Pennies from Heaven
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Pennies from Heaven
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, August 28 2011 @ 01:38 AM PDT

Rare pennies...I hope I would be fortunate enough to own one of them.

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