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Mysterious Light Caught On Fitness Club's Cam

Articles  Security cameras at a Kansas gym caught a white ghostly image flitting amid the dumbbells in the middle of the night, spooking the facility's owner.

The possible fitness phantom floated around the nautilus and weight-lifting equipment for about two hours in the Overland Park Anytime Gym, which was empty, according to KMBC-TV in Kansas City. At one point, the orb lingered by the dumbbells.

The motion-sensitive camera was set off a total of about nine times between about 2:20 and 4:14 a.m. on Sept. 12.

Gym owner Kim Peterson said she called her security company to review the footage. They ruled out insects, dust and headlights from the outside.

"I said, 'Is there a light bulb going out or do I need to get up and clean the lens?" she said. "They reviewed it and said, 'We have no idea what that is.'"

"Every day when I come in, I review my surveillance. 'What did I miss while I was asleep?'" said Kim Peterson of Anytime Fitness. But Peterson said she has no idea what she missed when some mysterious images were recorded on Sept. 12. "They're motion cameras. So I thought, what motion is triggering it?

And we kind of got a series of weird pictures we could not explain," Peterson said. Peterson said she knows there was no one in the building when the camera started recording. "At 1:59, you see the last member of the night leaving," Peterson told Chapman. "It shows the street as well." But inside the empty building there appears to be some kind of light. "It starts at 2:20 a.m. and goes on until about 4:14 in the morning, kind of off and on," Peterson said.

Chapman reported that no one shows up outside of the building after the last man leaves, shining a light inside. And Peterson said lights have never activated her cameras before. "(I) called the security company and they said, 'We don't know why that light would make the camera kick on, but it sure is interesting. Can we download a copy?'" Peterson said.

Peterson said some of her customers are having fun with the idea of naming the fitness phantom with Halloween a month away. "I'm a very open-minded person. I'm willing to look at and consider any possibility. It's certainly nothing that frightens me," Peterson said. The security camera records at one frame a second, so the video is a little jerky.

Source: http://www.kmbc.com/news/17537903/detail.html
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Mysterious Light Caught On Fitness Club's Cam
Authored by: tomcat on Saturday, September 27 2008 @ 06:18 PM PDT
If I didn't know better, I think this might be a bug crawling across the lens of the camera. It's a remote possibility, since a bug might register with more clarity, but perhaps it is a tiny mite or something similar and is causing the light to refract around the body of the bug and thus creates the illusion of the "ghost". The supporting evidence is the strange skittering nature of the movement.

On the other side of the coin, it is awfully odd and I think it is only a *remote* possibility that this is what this is. Still, nowhere have I seen any debunking taking place and it makes sense to at least rattle off possible explanations.