Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mist captured at the Truckee Hotel during an investigation
So - How to proceed with a newly regenerated GRI web site? I haven't even got a team! (Note: As of today - Sept 22nd, we have a team - The old gang are all wanting to come back on-line and we are meeting in early October to map out the game plan! We're in business!)

I would guess that the best action is to pull in some of the older web site and look at cases we did and bring it back from the dead, so to speak ;>) And then to put feelers out and perhaps run some daytime EVP sets to get back my feel for how this all works. - Note: As of 9/22, I discovered that the old site lives on. I have placed the link for this on the right hand menu!)

The Paranormal is nothing to be trifled with and it is best to walk carefully into it. We used to do multiple investigations a month and I no longer think that is a wise thing. An investigation takes a lot out of investigators and it is something that has to be planned out and the people who do the work need to be prepared and ready for anything.

Site of a recent paranormal experience
I know one thing, I've had some really good experiences and more than my share of bad ones in this business, so the goal is to keep it light and have fun while doing something helpful for the Other Side. It is going to be something I will feel my way through.

Note - We did do something of a recent investigation with a trip into Nevada to examine an ancient site that had me experience a face to face encounter with an apparition for all of 1 or 2 seconds. What I saw was like half a person, split down the middle and it appeared to be an American Indian. I was NOT expecting to see such a thing as we were not investigating in the paranormal sense, but it really got my attention and I want to return to the site to do a night-time investigation with the full suite of gear to see what we capture.

Go GRI - We're back!
Ryan Bueller
So sad to see Ryan Buell of Parnormal State arrested on fraud charges. The paranormal field is one I had worked with for awhile and I witnessed many genuine phenomena in person and enjoyed myself immensely during my years working cases in the field. I became disillusioned with it when I saw the number of people who were viewing it as a money-making operation over and above the spiritual and genuinely emotional and often tragic nature of haunts.

The same feelings and observations apply to aspects of mediums operating out there in the world today and who attract a huge following and who are mostly in it for the money over and above all else.

Paranormal phenomena, ghosts, spirits and mediumship are areas where keeping a *balance* is important. The Other Side is very real and keeping your perspective about living your LIFE on this side is what is important while acknowledging that those on the other side *occasionally* can make their thoughts known to benefit us and help us as we stumble through life. It is perfectly Ok to make your living in these fields as long as you maintain the balance and to not lose perspective.

What Ryan is accused of is something that is all too common in the field and it gives genuine and ethical Paranormal investigators and Mediums the world over a black eye.

I still do an occasional investigation and have kept up with mediumship which is important to me, but I have learned that to turn a legitimately God-Given gift into something it was never meant to be is truly tragic. There are ethical mediums I have run into out there who are absolutely the real deal and then others who are... without a doubt... fakes. The same applies to paranormal investigation teams. The truly ethical ones are often the least attention seeking and who really live their craft for the thrill of working with the unseen and unknown. I've been working on getting back into my groove with my own gifts and always endeavor to keep both feet on the ground and remember who it all comes from - The Big Guy upstairs...

I sincerely hope Ryan finds his way back to even ground and hope the entire Paranormal and Mediumship fields takes notice and begin to self-regulate and hold high ethical standards in the forefront or we will lose the good will and progress granted so kindly by the public over this past 12 years or so since the field really took off.

Our little site is back online!

I have been occupied for some time with family matters and have not kept up with events in the paranormal or mediumship communities for sometime now.

And I even let my website go but had a change of heart and couldn't bear to see my domain end up in the trash heap and decided I valued my past work in this business enough to do something about getting it all back together.

So, earlier this summer I did get the bulk of the web site back and will use pieces of that on this new site to host content and evidence from investigations of the past as well as those of the future.

I've been busy in the twilight of a career in Aerospace and I have moved on to plan the next phase of my career. I'm still working this all out, but GRI will be a part of it somehow. 

I've updated a lot of my tech and plan to use it for field work. I have heavily invested in drone technology and see that getting good use in the field with paranormal work. So expect to see this used in the near future.

My mediumship work is also recommencing - I'm working on my daily meditations and getting my edge back. So far, I am feeling very good about it all and will start readings soon enough. I'm still not sure if I'll do a radio show again or not, but I'm open to the possibility.

So - That puts GRI back into operation sometime in early 2017 and we'll be posting more here as I figure out what to do.