Wednesday, November 18, 2015

View from my seat while flying close-air formation in 2015
So much change has happened in the last few years I can't even begin to comprehend it all.

For one, it's clear to me now, more than ever, change is the absolute rule for life in the 21st Century and one must either adapt to the torrent of changes or be swept away by it.

When I first began my paranormal career in 2006, little did I know that life was I knew it would be upended and people I cared about would soon leave this world or would move away to parts unseen, or, with how terrible the economy is, would lose their jobs and move out of my life.

Holding on to what matters is what counts. With Ghost Rider Investigations, I was witness to many, and I mean MANY inexplicable phenomena and direct face-offs with the unknown and the paranormal. From my own haunted ranch to graveyards to mineshafts and haunted aircraft carriers, I saw and experienced much.

I also made plenty of mistakes. Huge ones. Missteps with people, coming face to face with my own personal failings. I had clashes with local paranormal personalities, some with incredible egos and others who felt that there was "turf" to protect, which mystified me beyond belief.

Successes occurred too with formation of a research team and then a paranormal radio show with a large media following and even an appearance on SyFy Channel's "Haunted Highways" show. Things seemed to be going Ok.

Except it wasn't. In fact, I was sick of the entire thing. Many of you know I'm a medium and I began to understand that tripping around sites bothering ghosts who ordinarily don't even want our help was something I eventually began to abhor and I wanted to change things. But first, with the death of my father in early 2012, I needed time off and lots of it.

Couple that with people issues on the teams, constant health issues with family and not enough hours in the day to get it all done and I was done. I walked away from it all and re-assessed everything.

In the end, I feel it was a necessary move and it likely saved my life a lot of grief and pointed me the right way. The Spirit World felt the same way too. Until now... The promptings are back again and I know they want me back in the game. So...

The ensuing 3 years has been enough time. I recently dusted off my britches and have spent the last few years doing things like flying combat flights against Top Gun and Red Flag pilots over the desert in Southern California and designing a new Youtube channel series for homesteading and projects for the ranch. Paranormal missions are beginning to happen again and I'm slowly getting back to field work, but only to help a family understand what they are running into or... to help somehow to correct a situation that needs it. The paranormal world is not a novelty. It's a place filled with spirits who need understanding and compassion. They are not entertainment. And I'll tick off a lot of people when I say that and it's my truth and I have to live it.

"Be the example" is the wise lesson that sages and leaders speak of when they want to make things better. And so it shall be with GRI. No more "entertainment" missions or being in a place poking at spirits because it's "something to do". Missions need purpose and to bring  healing and positive outcomes for all.

So, I've taken the drastic step of turning off the old GRI site for now. And no, I'm not getting rid of all of the content. In fact, I'm redoing the entire site and integrating all the old content to merge into a new web site and to take advantage of my hard-won education on video production, writing and a lifetime of mediumship and field research. So GRI will be back, in a new form and better than ever.

We've done one mission this year and are beginning to plan new ones for early 2016. I'll be posting news here regularly as a result of all of this and hope you to see you all along for the ride!