Saturday, February 16, 2013

What a year it has been! My father passed away in late February of 2012 and it has been a heck of a ride ever since. GRI has done a couple of investigations and I made an appearance on the SyFy Channel series "Haunted Highway" with my EVP capture of the little boy in the haunted Pioneer Cemetery in Coloma. But, with a mother who has had her health challenges for the past year, I've had to hang it up for awhile until now.

So we're back in the market for a new case and I'm aiming for a March 2013 return to service for GRI. We are coming back in with our regular collection of gear, which remains considerable with advanced EVP systems, infrared video capture and our collection of Ovilus 1, PX and the new "X" version. I'm rounding out the collection with EM Pods and a brand new capability that will test our ability to reach areas we normally can't get into with the introduction of a DJI Phantom quadcopter to fly a camera and EVP recorder into a difficult location and collect data and then return home. With first-person view (meaning the pilot can see television from the quadcopter while flying, we have a really amazing ability to collect data that would otherwise be out of reach.

I have noted, with some wry humor, that our quadcopter model is called a "Phantom" and we'll be out hunting real ghosts with our particular copter. We're in a learning mode with this device, but will be incorporating it into our videos over the coming year. I'm also adding a second quadcopter with hardened case and waterproof features, allowing it to land and take off from water, for more challenging flight environments.

Spirits continue to visit us since my father's passing. I've taken the time off to process Dad's death and have learned a lot from the perspective of a person who deals with dead people in my mediumship and investigation work, but never had a truly "personal" loss until this event. It had forced me to grow and consider things from a perspective I hadn't really ever had to do in the past. So the time off has been valuable and needed, but now, it truly is time to return to work and to incorporate the lessons learned and get back at it.

We want to do more physical cases, outdoors and to tie our cases to historically significant locations. The goals will be to see if we can tie real names and evidence captured to what happened in history and see if we can learn anything from the encounters that may increase understanding of past events.

This is not to say we won't do indoor investigations. We most certainly will, but I'd like to emphasize that, after experiencing the death of a loved one this year, that life is for living and in our pursuit of communication with dead folks, we also remember that WE are still alive and to enjoy the gift of our living to the fullest while pursuing the paranormal.

The radio show has been off and on for the past year. I did not have the heart to pursue it regularly and am now ready to resume my normal schedule. We will be doing mediumship and on-air EVP once again...

It is good to be back everyone... Now to go find a case to do for March!