Friday, August 26, 2011

Energy shifts ;>)

We are back in the game folks!

New case in September will test our skills to the max and we're hitting a very large facility to check for the activity that is being reported by the occupant.

Meeting is on September 10th at Mimis in Folsom at 12:00 noon to go over the core parts of the case, but we'll hold off in specifics to keep the investigation "pure". This will allow the evidence to speak for us and not the past filtering through expectations.

It feels good to have a working team again! We'll be operating in a very loose and fun fashion. The September 10th meeting is a safety meeting to go over procedures and to see who will be stepping into what role when we get to the site. We'll go over how to set up for the investigation, times and events for the evening's progression and responsibilities at breakdown of the gear and evidence analysis.

See you guys there! GRI lives!

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