Monday, June 6, 2011

Endings and new beginnings...

One could say the last year of illness, changes and the rotation of members has been a disaster. On the other hand, life is a series of challenges and adjustments and if one views the flow of life as a river, with water coming together, merging and then splitting off on different courses, then you can see the natural progression of a team going through it's various growth and contraction cycles.

I've changed too. As the leader of GRI, I had to step back and honor the illness that had beset me and deal with a surgery and also to recover and then face down my father's illness and slow journey towards the other side. He has not left us, but I suspect that day is not far now and I've worked to make peace with that.

Where does GRI stand in all of this? With the departure of our case manager recently, I stand essentially alone with the organization and have decided to just keep going. My plans are to join other teams and to use my considerable array of equipment to help them with their cases and rotate amongst them when I have the time. Many other paranormal teams I have contact with are undergoing similar changes and I suspect team leaders will band together to help one another as a natural reaction to the economic difficulties and also to keep the faith alive!

I'm also studying Mediumship very diligently and plan to use it frequently in my work. Being that many of these Spirits are Earthbound, it stands to reason that some can be helped with intervention and the use of both classical Mediumship to contact them and also technology to ascertain and bolster the case to identifying them and moving forward to assist them.

So look for 2011 to be a not-so-busy case structure for GRI and perhaps more a time of education, growth and adjustment to a new and sustainable way of doing things. If you are interested in talking with me, the now sole member of GRI, drop a line and we can perhaps work cases together and do some interesting research!