Monday, February 28, 2011

March 2011 news and site rebuild

We are in the process of a major site update and thus are redirecting you to this location while we perform the needed updates.

GRI has, as you most likely guessed, been on hiatus for quite some time and we had a lot of maintenance to do on the site, much needed updates, a rethink of our direction and missions to plan for 2011.

The good news is that we do have two March investigations set up and we'll be back doing field work and some broadcast work of our investigations.

We've learned, with a lot of hard lessons, that doing investigations takes much more than showing up and doing a hunt. We'll be collecting less evidence on hunts and to issue reports as soon as possible so as to bring a real life-cycle to each case. This has been our most vexing issue to date.

We'll be trying some different approaches to this over the course of 2011 to find what works best. Truly, the hardest thing in this economic climate with people working harder than ever to survive, is to ask them to dedicate long hours to investigation. So real-time analysis and quick turnaround while we have them on-scene is the answer and a good starting point.

We've also got a new twist to our investigations that no-one else is doing. We'll be covering more of that here in the near future.

For now, as of February 28 - March 2, this site will stand-in for the normal GRI site as we do the needed updates and rebuilds. Feel free to pop us any questions you may have and we hope you enjoy the changes that we are making to the site.

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