Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Case Reviews and News

I suppose all of us go through highs and lows as a normal part of life. With the arrival of Winter, we generally go through our cases and begin reviewing the past year with GRI and this year is no different. Our cases are being reviewed and we're set to begin on-air reveals with our formal investigations along with plans for the upcoming year of investigations for 2011.

Spencer and I have both had personal challenges. Surgery for his wife and step son in November had Spencer unable to investigate much and we've had trouble hooking up. I began to feel badly over course of the year and was not sure what was going on until my own sudden surgery in December and my being out of action for six weeks. So we're stumbling along as a team, but we are still here and still in the game.

The plan for GRI is that we will be back in investigation mode in fine form by January and we'll do a test case to get back on our feet along with clearing the back-log of cases we need to do reveals for. In that spirit, I am well along with the case files and getting these out of the way along with equipment builds under way will see us doing new types of investigation work for 2011.

January 11th will see Jon at the John Edward event in Santa Rosa and we'll report on that evening event and happenings along the way.

We'll be revealing the P-30 investigation and the Lincoln investigation during January on Blogtalkradio and in-person. Watch for more on this here and on Facebook.

On February 4th, Jon will be a paranormal docent for the U.S.S. Hornet and will be leading a team through that haunted ship. It will be an amazing night and I (Jon) cannot wait for that investigation.

Merry Christmas to all in and outside of GRI and we'll be seeing you around!

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