Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A favorite explanation of how the soul can continue to live after apparent "death"

Quote by EVP and ITC Pioneer George Meeks

The material world and our physical bodies are not the solid matter we think we see and touch. All matter, the chair you sit on, the building in which you find yourself at this moment, the "solid" foundation on which the building rests, consist almost entirely of empty space. This is why your vision can pass through "solid" glass several inches thick. This is why hundreds of radio and TV signals carrying speech, music and pictures are at this moment traveling right through the "solid" walls of your room and your "solid" body.

Only if you can comprehend the above concept can you begin to realize that it is possible to have two or more things occupying the same space at  the same time.

Your physical body is being experienced in our common everyday three-dimensional world of space and time. Your mind and soul are living in another space-time system which interpenetrates your physical body and occupies substantially the same space as your physical body.

Hence the "next world" is one in which your mind and soul already live and in which your mind and soul will continue to live.

When you shed your worn-out physical body you will be aware of the surroundings in which your mind and soul are living - the astral planes.

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