Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Hallows Eve at the Broken Tree Ranch

Happy Halloween to all! We are getting set for our ghost hunt here on our ranch, The Broken Tree Ranch, at 9:30 (about an hour from now as I right this).

The property was part of the original range of the Maidu and Miwork American Indians and then was settled by gold rush miners in the 1850s. This property saw a mining camp erected right next to my little single room studio and then people living and dying right on site including burial of those poor souls who passed on for whatever reason. We've found artifacts from the past such as bits of Chinese pottery, square nails, a few hand tools and bits of wire and the like.

The spirit activity is fairly consistent and we're going to be investigating the north side of the property tonight. We did an investigation last night of the main ranch house and received Ovilus communications and registered K-II hits in the rear bedroom and in the living room.

So tonight, we're taking the Ovilus out to the north acreage and a digital recorder along with the new Vortex unit to see if we can stimulate some activity tonight and perhaps a little more over the next few nights as the week of the Dead progresses.

We go out on these expeditions with a bit of respect, a sense of reverence for those who came before and a sense of anticipation as to what we might encounter.

We'll be broadcasting the events on-air at and will include the audience in our audio feed as myself and Yvonne work together to probe the north property.

I'll blog about the experience tomorrow... Until then, wish us luck in our hunt!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

So it begins

Our first blog here on Blogger. I'll be covering paranormal topics here on this blog as time goes on.

Still smiling from the flight yesterday of the CJ-6 fighter plane. Very cool and the pulling Gs to 3.4 was a personal milestone. At that rate, my body was literally weighing 3.4 times normal gravity. Meaning I weighed in at about 620 pounds for a few seconds. It was an awesome experience and something I'll never forget!

I ran an experiment using the full spectrum camera and a Sony ICD-P720 audio recorder with that recorder hooked into my flight suit. I'm not sure if anyone has ever done this before, but with the use of these two devices I normally use in paranormal research for recording the experience of the flight, I did a dual purpose recording using two devices so as to see what the possible experience of capturing EVPs in extreme environments might be like. Besides, it is a really cool video with the UV/IR capture of the experience ;>) The audio was done using a microphone clipped into the headset to capture the audio exchanges over the intercom. If we did get anything EVP, it is likely because the electronics of the recorder were being affected in the standard way - meaning that the semiconductors on the recorder were affected and not anything at the microphone end.

EVPs are captured just about anywhere, so I reasoned as I went out on this amazing flight that it couldn't hurt to make the experience a dual pronged one. I have not yet heard of anyone doing extreme environment EVP beyond underwater work, so it made sense to grab a chance like this and get the audio and video using these devices to see what we get.

This does open possibilities. Extreme Environment EVPs (EEEs) is a term I've coined to see how these phenomena might occur during events that test human endurance. I'll write more about this in the future, but think that this may represent and new frontier for the science.

Analysis of the audio and video will begin soon and we'll post our results here!